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STA641 Final Term paper 2022 current Paper from Students

STA641 Final Term paper 2022.

STA 641 

1: Ms Excel se krna frequency r mid point given tha baqi relative frequency? Percentage relative frequency? Histogram ? 

2: Ms Excel se data analysis se q-q plot bnana tha . R sath mn btana tha k data Normal population he k ni ?

3: ye question b Ms Excel mn hi krna tha t.test  statistics? 

T- test for paired means? 


Mean ? Standard deviation?? 

4:  spss software mn krna tha wo mje yad ni konsa question tha 

5: data given tha ANOVA only way Wala function use krna tha. 

Tooo much lengthy bilkul last min p khtm kia 

Paper BHT lengthy tha thy tu 5 question lekin aik question mn b bbt se parts thy solve krny waly
3 question Ms Excel KY thy r 2 spss software k

Total 5 question.. 120 minutes
2 question excel main mean mode median k thy
1 excel ka t test ka tha with 1 variable.
Aur 1 spss main 2 variables ka tha.

Ik gender wala tha jis main variance aur mean ley k hypothesis btane thy.
Spss main

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