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PHY101 Final Term paper 2022 current 14 march 2022

PHY101 Final Term paper 2022.

Mara phy101 ka

All msq file Mai say thy...

Ok numerical magnet br ka tha or 

Ok resistance Mai say thy...but samjh say Baher tha ADI value di hoyi thi or ADI nhe

Ik short and Long wavelength hydrogen at atomic nuclei

Or Baki cancaputal thy

Objective 56 mcqs 56 marks ke

Subjective me 4 short question (3) the 4 long question (5)

Short question: (12)

Does your bathroom mirror show your older and younger then your actually ..----------. 

What is the advantage of transmitting power at high voltage, will the transformer operate, if a battery is used for input voltage primary. 

If the field charge inside a closed surface is known both the distribution of the charge is unsatisfied, can you use Gauss law to find electric filed. 

Many traffic lights charge when a car roll up intersection. How dose light sense the presence of car.

Long question: (20)

An electron has de Brglie wavelength of 2.80×10-10m. Determine a) magnitude of its momentum. B) Its kinetic energy. 

What becomes of isotopes that undergo alpha decay? Which produces a higher counting rate or radiation dectr a gram of radioactive having a short half-life r gram having a long half-life.  

Explain solar zone. What is its other name? 

Distinguish between electric potential and electric potential energy. A negative charge move in the direction of uniform ------------.

[3/14, 8:05 PM] Saqi: PSY101 TODATY PAPERS 

Questions long 5 marks each

1) abnormalities define and why ?

2) humanistic approach and carls psychology.

3) situation given jis me Weight loss karne k points

4) advertising company situation and tells about creative stages.

Paper 2 

 Questions short 3 marks each

1) long term memory 

2) situation thi as a manager employee k liye. Job analysis type

3) project tect

4) cognitive and behavior emotions relation differences

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