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IT430 Question 1 of Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2023 2024 | Download solution from Website Free Assignment

Question 1:


E-business models are essential frameworks that define how companies leverage the internet to conduct their operations, serve customers, and generate revenue. They vary based on the nature of transactions, the parties involved, and the strategies employed to reach target markets. The following table presents different scenarios that depict various e-business models in action.

Given the scenarios in the Table 1 below, identify which e-commerce model each scenario represents.

1. Ahmed wants to purchase a rare book. He visits an online bookstore, finds the book he wants, reads some reviews, and buys it directly from the website. The bookstore handles the transaction and shipping directly to Ahmed

2. ABC Corporation, a large manufacturer of automotive parts, sources components from multiple suppliers online. They have established partnerships with various suppliers who provide them with the necessary parts to maintain their production schedules.

3. Zara, a consumer, has an antique piece of furniture she wants to sell. She lists it on an online marketplace where other users can bid on the item. John, another consumer, wins the auction and purchases the antique directly from Zara.

4. The federal government is seeking a company to develop a new public health website. They award the contract to Digital Solutions Ltd., which specializes in government projects. Digital Solutions Ltd. develops and maintains the website as per the government’s requirements.

5. Faiza, an independent artist, creates a profile on an online platform dedicated to handcrafted goods. She uploads images of his art pieces along with detailed descriptions. Customers can browse her portfolio and purchase her artworks directly through the platform.


  1. Storefront Model
  2. Online Automotive Sites
  3. Auction Model
  4. Online Service Provider
  5. Online Art Dealer

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