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Vu Grand Quiz Collection

VU Grand Quiz/ Midterm Mega Collection from previous semester (Fall 2020 and Spring 2020)

Due to the prevailing COVID - 19 Pandemic, the Virtual University of Pakistan has decided that an online “Mid Term Quiz / Special Assignment” will be conducted in lieu of the Mid Examinations r.

Here is all the video collection of Grand Quiz for the last two semesters (Fall 2020 and Spring 2020).

 Grand Quiz  Virtual University Mega Collection of 

Fall and Spring 2020

ENG301 Solution Fall 2020 *with file      Click Here
 MTH302 Solution       Click Here 

 CS101  Solution 40 Question       Click Here

 PAK301  45+ Question with Explain       Click Here

 CS201  50+ MCQs with Explained       Click Here

 ENG201  6 MCQS*       Click Here

 ENG201*  24 MCQS       Click Here 

 STA304  50 MCQs       Click Here 

ENG101 50 MCQs       Click Here

 CS302 Solution Download       Click Here 

CS101 more then 100MCQs       Click Here

 STA301 MCQs        Click Here


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