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MTH304 (SPRING 2022) 

Total marks: 20 


Due date: JUNE 13, 2022 

DON’T MISS these important instructions: 

  • Upload assignments properly through LMS.  

  • All students are directed to use the font and style of text as is used in this document.  

  • This is an individual assignment, not group assignment, so keep in mind that you are supposed to submit your own and self-made assignment even if you discuss the questions with your class fellows. All similar assignments (even with some meaningless modifications) will be awarded zero marks and no excuse will be accepted. This is your responsibility to keep your assignment safe from others.  

  • Solve the assignment on MS word document. 

Question#1                                                         MARKS 10 

Please provide the answers to Q1 against the image title.

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Image 2:
Image 3:
Image 4:
Image 5:

Question#2                                                      MARKS 10 

Q2. Imagine you are working as a Marketing Executive in Hilal Foods and from the past few months there has been a decline in sales of the product(s) due to weak marketing campaign.  You are supposed to write a business message to the Marketing Manager of the company to convince him to revise the marketing strategy in order to increase the sales of the product(s). 

Note: Read lessons No. 12, 13, and 14 to understand how to write a business message. Read some sample business messages from the link 

(10 Marks)



Dear Mr.X.

Regardless of our standard items, the decrease in our deals is going on in the beyond couple of months. In the event that this present circumstance doesn't cater organization will demolish in a couple of months in view of low deals.

We need to make a believable answer for this issue by sending off areas of strength for a for showcasing our items. It won't just assist with helping the income of the organization yet will carry the bobs and occupation fulfillment to our laborers since laborers are the main piece of the organization.

n my perspective, we can fortify our organization by sending off the mission in under referenced habits.


(i)         Digital Marketing can work on our deals.

(ii)        Print and electronic media administrations can be take

(iii)       By giving the alluring limits to the clients

(iv)       By instructing our staff and building their capacity to understand anyone on a deeper level

(v)        By utilizing the snowball strategies

(vi)       By utilizing the cost segregation strategies.


By remembering every one of the guidelines, we can apply a more solid way to deal with take special care of this issue of low deals. Your administration in such manner will assist us with disposing of this issue.

Yours truly.

Abdul Hadi E Services


  2. Question#3                                                      MARKS 10 

    Suppose that you establish an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) at age 43 and you will retire after 22 years hence at age 65. You plan to make annual payments of Rs1000 into the IRA at the beginning of each year. If you assume a rate of return of 8.5 percent a year, calculate the future value of your IRA when you will retire at age 65.


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